Bottom Lips

Quality products matter. We treats cracks with hot melted rubber - just like they do on the city streets and highways.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

Driveway repair

Since 2010 we have been repairing driveways all over the Greater Ottawa area. We know that repairing your laneway is not an exciting adventure - but it can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run. Improper water drainage can cause numerous problems if left untreated. We specialize in Asphalt Garage Ramps to push water away from your foundation and protect your home.

It starts with sealing. Oil based sealers enrich your oil base asphalt with its key component - oil. This repels water and keeps the pavement malleable.

When it comes to parking - you can never have enough.


Our team can build you an inexpensive parking area form granular stone or have us extend your driveway with asphalt for a clean and durable finish.

Liquid Asphalt Sealing

Basic maintenance is by far the best way to prolong the life of your driveway. Water and ice cause havac on a driveway. Numerous freeze and thaw cycles wear down pavement quickly. It is important to seal off any cracks, fix depressions and seal regularly (with an oil based sealer) to extent the life if your driveway.

Want more parking?

We provide parging repair for the exterior of your home.

We're passionate about driveways. Since 2010 we have been fixing damaged, neglected and incorrectly build driveways and parking lots. This has given insight into what works best for a trouble free long lasting paving job. We believe in doing it right the first time.

From start to finish we will treat your project like our own project. Designing, planning and executing the best option for you and your job.

We have a proven track record of exceeding our customers expectations. Let us show you why.

Quality Repair services

at affordable prices

 Parging Repair

Often the driveway will settle where it meets the curb for the street. We can build this area up with a "bottom lip" to help with water drainage.

Driveway Repair


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